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LivNutrition - Newmarket, Ontario
Julie Tibbles
(905) 724-1001
Food and Environmental Intolerance Testing and BIE
Alleviate your symptoms naturally!

Beatty Naturopathic - Whitby, Ontario
(289) 275-1851
Heal - Optomize - Thrive

Healthy By Choice - Bradford, Ontario
Mary Brickle - Personal Health Trainer
(905) 775-3094
Bio Resonance Scanning & Theropy
Helping you achieve optimal health

Dr. Adam Markew - Chiropractor
407 Eagle St.
Newmarket, Ontario
Educate - Empower - Health

Optimal Health - Sharon, Ontario
Ryan Richardson - Osteopath M.T., D.Sc.O., D.O.M.P.
(289) 231-8098
"Man is composed of matter, movement and spirit" ~A.T. Still

How do I use the online Shopping Cart?
  It's EASY!  Browse our categories and add the products you want to your shopping cart.  When you are ready, proceed to the checkout.  Upon checking out, our online system will ask you to create an account.  Your account information is private and we never share our information with any third parties.  Refer to Brooker's Privacy Policy for more information.
What are my payment choices?
  Our drivers will accept cash payments at the time of delivery. We accept all major credit cards and payment arrangements must be made with our office staff prior to delivery.  We will contact you once your order is submitted for details.  We also accept email money transfers, and our drivers will accept cash as a method of payment.  For country store purchases, we also accept debit.
What are my shipping charges?
  A delivery fee of $12.50 to $15.00 plus HST is applied to all home delivery orders.
How is the meat delivered?
  The meat will arrive, frozen, in individually wrapped vacuum sealed packaging. Your order is packed into Brooker's insulated bags.  We recommend that you put your products in the freezer immediately to prevent any damage from thawing and re-freezing.

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