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I had the privilege of growing up in the food business, as my father owned and operated 3 IGA food stores in York Region for over 33 years. As a young boy, my father would take me with him to work in the store on Saturday’s and during the summer. My love affair with food and the food business began at a very early age. I truly enjoyed being around my dad, watching carefully and learning the inner workings of the food business. One memory that stands out in particular were the trips with my dad to the Market, known as the Ontario Food Terminal. We would get up really, really early to go to the Market where we would hand select our produce that we would sell in our store. The market is one of the most interesting places to be if you love fresh food, and one of the only places in the city that shows any life at that time in the morning. Looking back, it was my dad who instilled in me at an early age the core values that were the foundation for his success: Listen to what people want, offer the best service period, sell the best available products at reasonable prices, and work hard. I am grateful for the influence my family has had on my life as I work hard to build my company with the same principles that my dad followed to build his business.

I have always had a passion for great food and supported local food producers for many years in our store. One of our suppliers had this great little operation known as The Free Range Meat Company. I had been interested in getting involved for many years, however the timing was never right. Circumstances allowed for me to take sole ownership of the company in September of 2009. The company has undergone a dramatic transformation: a fresh makeover and re-branding, improved our product and service offering, and a clearly defined mission to support locally sustainable farming practices right here in our backyard.

We appreciate your support as we continue to grow our ideas. We all have a choice when it comes to the food we buy, and as consumers, we cast our vote with each purchase. Support local and vote today.

Tom Brooks ~ Founder & Owner

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