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June 5th 2018,
Our random draw for the Jack LaLanne's Fusion Juicer was held last night (June 4th 2018). We had our very own celebrity pig "Percival Pig" select our winner again! Watch below to see the draw live in action!

Click to watch video ---> https://youtu.be/cb5oBjMrePc

March 1st 2018 we held our random draw for all the orders that qualified for the Instant Pot contest! We had our local up and coming You Tube celebrity pig "Percival Pig" choose the winner! Watch below to see how it went down!!

Click to watch video ---> https://youtu.be/8b6Ej71-an0

We are Hiring!!! ~ Posted May 1st 2017 - UPDATE - WE'VE HIRED! June 5th 2018
We are looking for a Part Time Data Entry Clerk, 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. Perfect hours for parents with kids at school!!!


  • Must have fluent written and oral English skills.
  • Must have a proven ability to work in a fast paced, priority driven environment.
  • Must be able to work well in a team environment and independently under minimal supervision.
  • Must have strong organizational skills and multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Must be proficient working with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Duties Include:

  • Basic Invoicing including payment applications
  • Taking customer payments
  • Office filling
  • Answering phones
  • Sending & receiving emails in Outlook
  • Printing food labels & labeling
  • Basic office housekeeping
  • Taking new customer orders
Please send your resume to jenny@brookersnaturalmeats.com

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