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Country Store Hours & Office Hours

You can come directly to our Country Store to pick and purchase your food.

2019 Country Store Hours:

Monday: 10am - 5pm

Tuesday: 10am - 5pm

Wednesday: 10am -5pm

Thursday: 10am - 5pm

Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Please note; while our staff does their best to get into work on time for our Country Store, snowy & icy driving conditions can prevent them from arriving on time safely. We care about our staff and we care about you! If the driving conditions have prevented school buses from being able to run on any given day, please call ahead to make sure our staff has made it into work safely!
We thank you for understanding!
~Brooker's Management~

2019 Christmas/New Years Country Store Hours

December 24th - 10am-3pm (Christmas Eve)
December 25th - CLOSED (Christmas Day)
December 26thth - CLOSED (Boxing Day)
December 27th - 10am -5pm
December 28th - 10am -5pm
December 29th - CLOSED
December 30th - 10am-5pm
December 31st - 10am - 3pm (New Years Eve)
January 1st - CLOSED (New Years Day)

How you can pay:

Please note our Country Store no longer accepts cash payments!
- place your order ahead of time, we can send you your invoice and you can send an EMT before you pick up and save 2% on your total order!!


1166 17th Sideroad
New Tecumseh, ON L0G 1T0
(905) 939-8042

GPS Coordinates: 44°00'25.0"N 79°42'27.0"W

Brooker's Natural Meats Office Hours & Contact Information:

Office Phone: (905) 939-8042
Email Us - info@brookersmeat.com

After Hours Phone: (416) 676-0104 (emergencies only)
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