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Why Choose Brookers

Our Story

Brooker’s Natural Meats is a company founded on three questions:

  1. Can there be a better alternative to conventional and organic meats found on our grocery store’s shelves?
  2. Can we shift our reliance to locally raised animal products rather then rely on other provinces and countries?
  3. Is there a more sustainable and environmentally conscious option when it comes to our meat production?

It became evident that we can support a local and sustainable farming practice and be able to supply our families with superior meat products.

Farming Practice

Here’s how we put Theory to Practice.

- Our Meat is Natural

Our Natural Meat is raised just as nature intended on farms run by local Ontario Mennonite families. All of our Animals are allowed to pasture freely on the food that they were designed to eat. All our cattle eat grass exclusively!. The farmers also practice planned pasturing, which rotates our cattle from field to field to prevent over grazing. Our farms and surrounding land also have a strict no pesticide policy, which guarantees the animals are eating a chemical free diet. Also, because our animals are able to eat what nature intended we do not need to use any antibiotics, and can guarantee fully antibiotic free meat. Lastly, our animals are raised to maturity naturally without the use of growth hormones.

- We are Local

Our meat comes from several trusted family farms locally sourced in Ontario. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint. All of our animals are raised in Ontario, and travel very little distance to the abattoir. Because the animals do not need to travel very far distances, we cut down on the amount of stress each animal experiences drastically, which produces a better quality meat. By locally sourcing our meat we are creating and supporting our local economy and job creation.

- Our Environmental Commitment

On top of supporting local to cut the carbon footprint we are also committed to ensuring very little waste and packaging in our process. Our meat is flash frozen as soon as it has been cut, which freezes the meat from the inside out very quickly. This practice ensure that we you thaw your product you the meat returns to its freshness just before the freezing process. All of our meat is vacuum sealed in clear packaging which cuts down on the amount of packaging waste.Because our meat is frozen fresh it can last much longer then fresh cut meat. This means that little to no meat spoils creating food waste. When you support Brooker’s Natural Meats you are doing your part in creating a better world for our children.

If you have any questions about our farming practices we would be happy to answer them for you. Send any questions you have to info@brookersmeat.com.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

" I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brooker's Natural Meats, my daughter wouldn't eat meat before. Now that we switched to Brooker's her taste for meat has returned. Thank you Brooker's, for making meal times easy again" - Annie B.

" I am so glad I found Brooker's, not only do they deliver right to your door (something a mom of three can appriciate) you can't beat the quality and taste of their meats!" - Laura H.

"The products I had purchased for my dog have made a huge difference to his health, and all of the meat I purchased for my consumption has been delicious. I have spread the word among my health conscious friends and we are all going to be regular customers!" Valerie K

I have placed a couple orders with Brooker's and am very impressed with the quality of each item and of course their incredible customer
service!" Amanda B.

"I found everyone I spoke with extremely helpful, the food quality excellent and cannot wait to order again." - Tracey P.

"Brooker's Natural Meats is a great alternative to supermarket shopping, and helps to support local Ontario farmers which is something I'm proud to do." - Jessica R.

"I've been to numerous natural farms in Quebec and Ontario ... and let me tell you that I have never tasted products that are as good as what I purchased from you." - Robert S.

"We received our order first thing Saturday morning, wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with your products and service" - Lannie L.

Naturally Raised Meat

Raising an animal the way that nature intended is not only beneficial for the well-being of the animal, it also plays an integral role in the nutrition profile of the meat, taste and texture. All of our products have absolutely no added hormones, are antibiotic free, pesticide free and raised on a diet that is the closest thing to what nature intended. As Catherine Friend said in The Compassionate Carnivore, “What animals eat, how they live, what drugs they’re given, their stresses, and how they’re killed are all factors that affect their bodies, their muscles.”

These factors support our commitment to using only animals that have been raised humanely. We also only work with local, provincially inspected abattoirs in order to keep transporting distances to a minimum. We believe one of the greatest stresses after crowed confined spaces is the shipping of livestock to slaughterhouses. In addition to long distance transportation of animals being inhuman, it is said that stress prior to slaughter is one of the most important influences on ultimate meat tenderness.

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